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LawHelp Interactive helps you fill out legal forms. Need help with a legal problem, but can`t afford a lawyer? We have your answer! ABA Free Legal Answers is a website where you can ask your questions about civil (non-criminal) legal issues and get answers from pro bono lawyers in your state. Legal questions are submitted online – all you need is an internet connection. Volunteer lawyers are able to answer your questions outside of normal business hours – you don`t have to go to a clinic or legal aid office. As mentioned earlier, people who need legal representation can get free legal advice and/or hire a lawyer for free by contacting their local legal aid office. Legal aid offices provide free legal assistance to people in need. Typically, these offices are usually funded by the federal or state governments and have lawyers who are used exclusively to represent low-income individuals. Read the news on ABA Free Legal Answers, which gives eligible users the opportunity to ask civil law questions to pro bono lawyers. Have you used any of these websites to get free legal advice? What was your experience? Are there any other good sources of free legal advice that I missed? Let me know in the comments! The State Bar Association funds legal aid organizations throughout the state that provide legal services to low- and middle-income Californians. These organizations focus on your issues, from custody and family law to disability rights and veterans` benefits.

Immigration Legal Services – Search your state for free legal service providers. for persons in immigration procedures. In addition, people can also try to contact legal organizations that specialize in specific social justice issues. For example, individuals who need representation on LGBTQ issues can turn to the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund (“Lambda Legal”). If you don`t have lawyers to follow you, asking your legal question on Twitter probably won`t do much. However, I have found that lawyers on Twitter are quite responsive when approached directly. In addition, this advertising campaign from Avvo highlights the potential of humor in legal dilemmas. And last year, Avvo hosted the sixth annual Lawyernomics conference, a conference on legal business development, held in Las Vegas.

Here`s my coverage of the event. While this may depend on the policies of an individual law school, most law school clinics are designed to provide general legal services to the public and, therefore, often offer free legal assistance to their clients. However, it should be noted that some of these sources may not be able to answer all your questions. The reason for this is that the particular ethical and professional rules that lawyers and legal advisors must follow. In fact, most of them cannot offer real legal advice. They can only offer free legal information (e.g. where to find a specific court form, etc.). Since these claims are supposed to involve more than one person, an individual may be able to find a law firm or other organization that has an interest in a particular social justice issue to represent them pro bono.

A case taken over free of charge is usually handled free of charge or for a reduced fee. So, if a person needs legal advice or representation and can`t afford a lawyer, they may be eligible to get a lawyer for free. A person`s right to free legal assistance depends on certain directives issued by the State in which he or she resides. Whether your case involves personal injury law (e.g. a car accident), criminal law, commercial law, family law, etc. , it`s best to always find a local lawyer who offers free consultations. The two main legal organizations that frequently handle such claims are the American Civil Liberties Union (“ACLU”) and the American Center for Law and Justice (“ACLJ”). People who wish to file a social justice lawsuit should also contact private organizations that have a similar interest in their case, or they should contact their state or local bar association for more information about the attorneys who can take on their case. You can also ask your local law society if they offer any of the following free services to people who need legal assistance: Many legal aid offices may be able to resolve other issues such as immigration, consumers, and disability issues. Some legal aid offices focus on one area of law, e.g.

disability law or housing law.

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