Where Is the Legally Blind Lady

Today, she has only one percent vision in her left eye, is blind in her right eye, and can only see shadows and determine if it`s day or night. Goudeau is not dead, she is alive and is currently being held at the Dr. Lane Murray Unit – a women`s prison in Gatesville, Texas, where she is serving an 18-year sentence for robbery. Ebony Uamaki (pictured with her children) was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at the age of two and is legally blind Her older children make sure they clean their toys so Ebony doesn`t trip and always tell her where they are so she knows. 122.7K likes, 856 comments. TikTok video by Ekaterina Lisina (@lisina15): “Why??!! 😭😭😭 #date #blinddate #fyp #foryou #featuerme #foryourpage #рекомендации”. If you met a girl on a dating site, | Waiting for her to drink tea| But she never talked about it. | . Oh no. In 2011, the Texan declared her innocence to local news station KBTV and many of her quotes became viral memes like “Pop, hold it down,” “I`m legally blind” and “pimp squad baby.” Symptoms include night blindness and tunnel vision.

Donna Goudeau, the woman known for shouting “POP Hold it down” and “I am legally blind,” was reportedly stabbed to death in prison today after allegedly having a confrontation with another prisoner who had a hidden blade in her possession. This story appeared on July 18, 2019 in an article in the Urban Industry News archives titled “Pop Hold It Down Lady: Donna Goudeau murdered in prison.” Donna Renee GoudEau is an inmate at the Texas jail, and the Texas Tribune has information about her incarceration in the Murray unit. The story behind this is an old news clip from July 2011, in which the exact reason for Gaudeau`s arrest by the “pimp squad” was that she was a serious person. Ebony Uamaki was bullied as a child because of her blindness and suffered horrific abuse – but she would have thought she would have put that behind her when she grew up. POP hold it down lady Donna Goudeau,” did not die and she was not killed in prison. A fake report on a sarcastic website tells Huzlers.com otherwise. Ebony is unable to leave the house with the children unless someone else is with her, she has the help of a guide dog, but says just because she`s blind doesn`t mean she`s incapable of becoming a parent. In fact, Goudeau is still alive and serving an 18-year sentence for robbery in Dr. Lane Murray Unit, a women`s prison in Gatesville, Texas, where she was even captured. Another said: “The lady from POP Hold It Down died in prison.” Referring to the clip, Uproxx denied the possibility of killing viral videographer Donna Goudeau, already explaining the entire report as a fake and a hoax to give more attention to the site.

“The word gives the impression that I can`t work, but I can, I`m just blind.” Unfortunately for Goudeau, the jury did not believe she was legally blind after being charged with being the driver of the escape in a robbery. She was convicted in 2011 and is expected to be released on 19 July 2029. She also had to accept the fact that she can never see what her children look like or see the drawings they make. The inspirational mother said that before becoming parents, she knew what her challenges would be, such as not being able to drive, and adjusted her life accordingly. When she became pregnant in 2016, doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy, Ebony met her partner Adam in mid-2016 and became pregnant at the end of the year. Donna Goudeau became popular in 2014 after images of her arrest in 2011 went viral online. Donna Goudeau, Keyron DeWayne Elmore and Jeremy Jomard Goudeau were arrested for beating, robbing and stabbing a 73-year-old Kansas man named Juan Sustiata. Donna was sentenced to 18 years in prison and was due to be released in 2029. Read more: Death of speaker Knockerz: Family remembers rapper at funeral Donna Jean Thatcher will stand trial in Drug Impact Tribunal on December 5 for a pending motion to revoke her parole. According to Beaumont Enterprise, Wells is in jail with Keyron Elmore, 28, and Jeremy Jomard Goudeau, who were arrested for raping, robbing and stabbing a 73-year-old Kansas man named Juan Sustiata. Donna Renee GoudEau, a woman formerly known as “Say Pop, Hold It Down” and “Blind Keyron DeWayne Elmore” and Jeremy “Jomard” Gaudeau, were arrested for beating, robbing and stabbing Juan SUSTIATA.

“There were a lot of doubts about whether it could become parents because I can`t see and if I would need a lot of help,” she said. “I had already mourned the loss of my sight before I had children and adjusted my life accordingly,” she said. “I often hid my disability and pretended to see because I was afraid of being ashamed and rejected, as I had experienced as a child,” she said. “She recommended an abortion several times during the consultation – which shocked me at the time – because I could pass the disease on to my children,” Ebony recalls. According to Donna Goudeau, the video reads: “Hi mom, I love you, POP hold this, Pimp Squad Baby for life.” Despite the fact that many people are not aware of the real meaning, many assume that “POP” refers to their band, the “Pimp Squad”, which is based in Port Arthur, Texas (Pimps of Port Arthur). Here`s what part of Huzlers` fake article says about Goudeau: But that was nothing compared to what doctors first told her when she got pregnant. Ebony`s children show compassion for her and understand that she can`t see them Over time, as her eyesight deteriorated, she had to adjust her lifestyle, which was often frustrating and sad. “I`ve always wanted to have kids and have a big family because I`ve always been a mother,” she said.

Ebony told FEMAIL that her biggest challenge so far has been dealing with other people`s opinions about her disability. Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is the collective term for a number of diseases that damage the light-sensitive cells of the retina and cause vision discoloration. She overcame them all and became an inspiring mother of four children, all under the age of four. Huzlers is a frequent provider of fake news and is a long-established hoax website that hopes to profit from the spread of fake news on Twitter and Facebook.

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