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Once you have installed the plugin, the guided wizard will help you create legal documents in just a few clicks without any hassle. In addition, there are many ready-made legal page templates designed for various purposes, and all features are exclusively documented. This makes it exclusively beginner-friendly and easy to use. WPLegalPages is a popular and regularly updated Legal Pages Generator plugin with over 3,70,000 downloads. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, business websites, ecommerce stores, and consultants use WPLegalPages for their legal requirements. You can create business policy pages tailored to your needs in multiple regions. The requirements for each website are different. Because each organization deals with different groups of customers, the condition policy must be created in different ways. But there are some things that every business needs. The plugin comes with a terms and conditions wizard with a few generic fields. However, you can edit the details according to your needs.

Banner added to update WPLegalPages Pro version on plugin dashboard WPLegalPages makes it much easier to generate privacy policy pages for websites. The GDPR, FTC and other privacy agencies, as well as ad networks, require you to have legal policy pages on your website. Instead of spending hours researching and creating your own policy pages, use WPLegalPages to generate them with just a few clicks. Your time is precious. With this in mind, Legal Pages saves you valuable time by automatically updating the legal page with the personal and website information you previously provided in the general settings. In this article, we will review the WP Legal Pages plugin. We will deepen its functions and examine them all in detail. By the end of this article, you`ll learn why you should choose the plugin and how it can benefit you.

If you`re building this page with a WordPress privacy policy plugin, don`t forget to add these elements to the policy: To set up the Pro version, you`ll need to purchase the zip file from the plugin`s official website, The free version must be installed first if you want to opt for the premium version. Here are the steps on how to activate WP Legal Pages Pro – although you may never have experienced it before; However, if you don`t have a legal side, you and your business may simply run into serious problems, most of which can result in a hefty fine. Take the example of Google – a mega-giant – which also had to pay the price. Apparently, this search engine was fined €50 million for not being transparent with its policies. Already shocked? Another interesting fact about the plugin I have to include in this WP Legal Pages review is that it is well researched and has a free version for beginners. It comes with all the necessary features that a small business website needs. Budget is a major concern when making purchasing decisions.

You can start with the free plan and then upgrade to one of the premium plans depending on your needs. WP Legal Pages is undoubtedly one of the best privacy policy plugins available for WordPress on the market. Few other options offer you such a long list of features specifically tailored to your different legal needs. Post a standard cookie consent notice on your WordPress site. Use the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin to display a cookie consent notice in accordance with GDPR standards. Legal Pages provides you with an advanced WP editor for editing and customizing legal templates. The editor is flexible enough that you can add or remove information as needed. That`s where WP Legal Pages comes in. This is an extended privacy policy WordPress plugin. Even if you are not a technician, this plugin allows you to generate privacy statements and other legal documents on your websites in minutes. WPLegalPages works seamlessly with your favorite contact form plugin. Users are informed of the data collected and can read the privacy policy before submitting the form.

This helps to obtain informed consent in accordance with data protection requirements. Create pop-ups based on the 26 excellent legal page templates you get with this plugin. Since it is possible to create pop-ups from different legal page templates, users will find different styles of content in different pop-ups. Once enabled, you will find the Legal Pages option on the left side of your dashboard. From there, you can easily configure the entire plugin according to your needs: with a simple click of the mouse, you can easily insert any legal template into a new page. You don`t have to worry about the design of the templates as they are well written to meet the legal requirements of your page. You should have an external link policy when adding links to or from other websites to your WordPress site. Since you have no control over these third-party links, the external link policy saves you a lot of hassle. WP Legal Pages is one of the few plugins that provide you with a ready-made external link policy template. The General Data Protection Regulation is the new EU data protection law. The legal framework requires specific information on the pages of the privacy policy. WP Legal Pages Wizard offers you a ready-made design.

You just need to fill in the necessary information. Then you can publish the page directly. Create complex legal pages such as “Terms and Conditions” and “California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)” with a step-by-step wizard. Available only in Pro version. Customizable for different types of websites sold in multiple countries such as ecommerce, marketplace, SaaS. This is another reason why you should use all the important legal pages on the site.

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